The “Drive-Me-Crazy” Dalies

Organized Teaching

Ugh!  WHY, oh why haven’t I thought of these organizational systems earlier?!

Missing Parts:


This friendly container solves the problem of lost manipulatives, game pieces, and other ods and ends.  We just add lost things to this basket I take care of them when I have time!  It takes care of the “Mrs. Meacham, I found a _______, what should I do with it?”

Turn It In Tina, Mrs. Meacham’s Mess, & Fix-It Fred:


I can’t decide If I like Tina or Fred better.  I think they are both terrific!  Tina is another basket (similar to Fred).  She loves anything that has to be turned in to Mrs. Meacham.  Things like book orders, teacher notes, bus notes, lunch money, permission slips, reading logs sheets, homework, YOU NAME IT!  Aaaahhhhhhh….why did I wait so long to “friend” you Tina?!  I love Tina!

IMGP6550 IMGP6551 IMGP6552

Fix-It Fred is a true friend when you need him!  Seriously, you need to get one for yourself!  Get a basket (big enough to put a piece of paper in works best!) and label it Fix-It Fred.  Anything that needs “fixing” get’s tossed in Fred.  When “Fred” has time, he fixes the stuff and returns it to it’s proper location.  Sometimes “Fred” is so busy the basket overflows.  He even sometimes has to “hire” extra help (parents, students) from time to time.  🙂  I love Fred!

And then there’s “Mrs. Meacham’s Mess” – This one is kind of self-explanatory.  It’s the collect-all place for things I need to take care of.  Forms, slips, papers galore!  (sigh) I think I need to hire a personal secretary!

Bernie Book Worm Bins:


After students bring their Guided Reading Books back to school, I need to re-shelve them in our Guided Reading book room.  I don’t do this daily.  I do it once a week (or so).  Students know to add their Guided Reading books to Bernie.  Guest Teachers in other areas of the school, looking for extra work to do (for whatever reason) know to find book bins (like Bernie) in each classroom and lend an extra hand in re-shelving books in the Guided Reading book room.

Download the labels here – download-icon

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  • Connie
    March 25, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    I love your website! 🙂
    I had a copy of your guided reading plans page from awhile ago, but can’t seem to find it on your website any more. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction and/or send me a copy if you wouldn’t mind sharing!

    Thanks so much for sharing all you do with the teaching community! 🙂

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