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I keep a dish/tub/bin full of my Scholastic Book Club resources.  Whenever I get something that is related to book clubs, I toss it into the dish/tub/bin.

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At the end of August, before school begins, I create the monthly “due back by” labels.  I keep these sheets in the plastic Ziploc baggie, along with the current and past months order forms, teacher inserts, coupons, student order form envelopes, bills, etc.   A stapler, stapler remover, and extra staples are stored in the tub as well.  That way, if I need to work on the book club orders at home, I can easily just take the whole thing with me after school without thinking about what tools/supplies I will need to create student packets or to order online.

Scholastic Book Clubs 2

(Above: Previous Storage Method)

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