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When students are using Chromebooks or iPad technology during our literacy or math workshop blocks, I’ve learned that it’s important to have a “tech plan” for the day.  This past school year I created one for the SMARTboard.  I usually do this when I find myself repeating the same expectations over and over again.  That way, when the topic is broached, I just pull up the anchor chart, or have it ready, knowing the kids will need the reminder.

The file has two pages.  One for math workshop and the other for our literacy block (Daily 5 and Guided Reading).

download-icon Download the Smartnotebook File

On the left of each page, you’ll see the Chromebook expectations; and on the right-hand side, you’ll see the iPad expectations.  They can visit any of the folders or apps found on that particular screen.  On certain days I’ll declare the workshop time, “Freebie Folder Day” and they can visit any folder or app found on any page of the iPad.  They love those days!

tech 2

You might wonder how I manage the apps on our Ipads.  I wish I could say it was an easy process, but it isn’t.  Because our iPads don’t have enough storage on them, all apps aren’t on the iPads at all times.  If they were, I’d just create folders and swap out apps that way.  But in our case, I need to delete old apps, and download the new apps.  My summer plan is to create a master list of apps by month, or by 5-week periods (that seems to be when I add/delete apps).  We’ll see if that happens, but for now the system seems to be working!  If you happen to have a better way of handling how your students access apps, let me know.  I’d love the advice!

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