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Ask An Expert

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In Stopping the Revolving Door at Your Guided Reading Table – I share a strategy that takes the focus off of you as the sole source of help, empowering your students to identify others in the classroom that can help problem solve or provide an assist, when needed. Our Ask an Expert chart, identifies tasks/skills that students frequently need help with, and shares who in the room can help (besides the teacher). To create the chart, I determine classroom situations that seem to…

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Teamwork Posters

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There will be no anchor charts adorning our classroom walls this year.  “What?” you ask!  Yes, no anchor charts.  They’re going digital (more on that in a future post).  I wanted to have something on the walls, and didn’t want to completely trash the idea of our teamwork anchor chart, so I decided to amplify it!  Using key words that we’ve used year after year to define what it means to be a part of a team in our classroom, I…

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23 September Anchor Charts

Anchor charts

Our busiest  month for anchor chart creation?  September! When I moved my site to the new server, and transferred from a website to a blog (this blog!), I didn’t create posts to showcase my anchor charts.  On my old site, I had a page full of anchor charts, but I wanted a better way to display them and share them.  I’ve decided to do monthly posts that feature anchor charts created during that particular month.  For September, we created 23…

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Two New Writer’s Workshop Charts

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First up -our “What do I do when I’m done?” chart.  I’ve seen different versions of this chart and this is ours.  When we created this, we sketched it on the SMARTboard.  I then turned it into this.  I used the same student generated story that was on the first one. Because it is animated, when you load the file, the cat is not displayed in #1 and the red words are not displayed in #2. You click in the space…

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