States of Matter and Water

Science, States of Matter, Theme, Water Cycle

Before starting our unit on Plant Growth, we spend a few days discovering the states of matter as well as learning about the water cycle.  Students have come to love the water cycle song that we learn!  As usual, our unit studies center on rich informational texts with a sprinkling of fiction texts as well.  Check out the pictures below, as well as the downloads available that help support us during this unit study.

We draw the water cycle and then paint after labeling important water cycle vocabulary.

IMGP1810 IMGP1808 IMGP1809 IMGP4446 IMGP4475

IMGP1807 IMGP1811 IMGP1205 IMGP1216


If you haven’t checked out Pebble Go (Capstone Press), you need to!  We LOVE Pebble Go.  Our school has a subscription for grades K-5.  It has fantastic online sources of informational text.  We use it for all of our thematic units of study throughout the year.  Students love independently visiting the site during Daily 5 time.  They’ve even learned how to utilize the search function to look for topics of interest!

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