Seasons and Weather

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After studying Apples in September, we turn our focus on Weather and Seasons.  As usual, our unit studies center on rich informational texts with a sprinkling of fiction texts as well.  Check out the pictures below, as well as the downloads available that help support us during this unit study.

IMGP3812 IMGP3811 IMGP3810 IMGP3809 IMGP3813

IMGP9334 IMGP3746 IMGP3745 IMGP3744 IMGP3743 IMGP9338

download-icon View and Download Weather Unit Resources and Links

download-icon View and Download Seasons Unit Resources and Links

IMGP5946 IMGP3805 IMGP5945 IMGP5942 IMGP3814 IMGP3796 IMGP3802 IMGP3799 IMGP3798 IMGP3803 IMGP5943 IMGP9347 IMGP3804 IMGP5944 IMGP3818

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