Scrabble Names Classroom Wall

Classroom Design, Name Game

A Scrabble Names Wall has been on my “wish list” of ideas for a few years.  I finally tackled it this year and am very pleased with the results!  Want to create a Scrabble Names Wall in your classroom?  Read on for how I created ours! 1.  Count # of Letters Needed If counting the frequency of letters in your class list seems daunting, don’t worry.  There’s an app for that!  Using the app, type in your class list and click “record…

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Teamwork Posters

Anchor charts, Behavior, Classroom Design, PBIS

There will be no anchor charts adorning our classroom walls this year.  “What?” you ask!  Yes, no anchor charts.  They’re going digital (more on that in a future post).  I wanted to have something on the walls, and didn’t want to completely trash the idea of our teamwork anchor chart, so I decided to amplify it!  Using key words that we’ve used year after year to define what it means to be a part of a team in our classroom, I…

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Survive Hallway Transitions

Behavior, CHAMPS, PBIS

It’s not uncommon for my class to sometimes arrive late to recess, lunch, or a specialists class.  Why?  Because when we’re in the hallway, it’s expected that all students are making wise choices.  This isn’t an easy task to accomplish.  Whether it is the entire class or a few students, taking the time to address challenging hallway behavior is a must.  Doing so will make hallway transitions a positive and successful experience for the entire class.  Read on to discover strategies that I…

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Pinning from Facebook

PLN, Technology

Ever find something on Facebook that you wish you could pin to one of your Pinterest boards?  It’s easy to do that when you open the Facebook post’s link.  Many times the post leads to a web page or a YouTube video.  Pinning from those types of posts is easy.  There are times when a Facebook post won’t open outside of Facebook.  One alternative is to save the post within Facebook, kind of like a bookmark of sorts.  Or, maybe…

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