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My classroom has been referred to as “Meacham’s Store” — and for good reason!

I like to be prepared, and my preparedness helps others in need.  I’m most notorious for being able to provide a disposable contact lens to a teacher who lost one of her contact lenses. It fit, and was a pretty close match to her prescription!  Here are a few items that I keep on hand – which have proven to be helpful to not only my students and me, but also others in my school:

Kitchen Things: colander, can opener knife, cutting board, spoon, ice cream scoop, measure cups/spoons, electric kettle, table cloths/flowers, pizza cutter, light bulbs


Tableware: napkins, paper plates of varying sizes, assorted cups, plastic forks/spoons/knives, straws


Personal Products: contact lenses and solution, nail clipper, tweezers, static guard, baby powder, Vaseline, cotton balls, q-tips, Advil, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, barrettes, ponytail holders, hair comb, deodorant, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, face powder, lip gloss , hairspray


Adhesive and Hangy Thingys:  book tape, duct tape, painter’s tape, masking tape, transparent tape, packaging/storage tape, two sided tape,  hooks, felt, magnetic, velcro, push pins, super, craft, felt, school, glue gun and glue gun sticks, tacky glue, glue dots, magnetic adhesives, hooks of various sizes and types, felt pads


Laminating Things: adhesive pouches of various sizes, laminator, laminating sheets, page protectors


Tools: hammer, screwdrivers of varying sizes, wrench, nuts/bolts/nails, plyers, jewelry tool, box cutter, exacto knife, eye glasses repair kit, sewing kit


Cleaning Products: Windex, table wipes, people wipes, Magic Erasers, hand sanitizer, paper towels, Kleenex

IMG_1760 IMG_1784

Things that Power: batteries, chargers, extension cords, adaptors, power stripsIMG_1756

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