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Today was our first day back from break!  I knew that students would be excited to see one another.  They get very social after long weekends!

Our Daily 5 Room Maps are helpful during days like today!  The maps serve as a booster for us.  We are reminded of which activities we can choose and what the expectations are for Daily 5 time. The maps also show us where each activity spot is located.

One most days, students are able to select where they want to sit during independent work times.  We don’t have assigned seating.  This works well; however, sometimes during the course of the school year, it benefits our working environment if we have assigned work station spots.

I created SMARTboard maps of our room that highlight these special areas for Daily 5 Math and Daily 5 Reading, Writing, and Word Work.  We use the  maps for Guest Teacher days.  We  use the maps if we’re being too social and have not been able to demonstrate adherence to our Daily 5 expectations:

daily 5 stamina

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