Clean Slate, Fresh Start

Classroom Design, Organized Teaching, Planning

Ever need a “redo” in your life?  We’re lucky that we get a “redo” every new school year.

One of my favorite things to “redo” is room arrangement.  For room arrangement I consider, traffic flow, work spaces, and teaching spaces.

The room is always emptied every summer when the floors get scrubbed and waxed.  It’s a great time to consider room arrangement.  I consider what went well the previous year, and what needs to change.  There really is only one “must do” in my classroom – and that’s the SMARTboard and computer location.  The location for those two items is dictated by where the drop is, and therefore I always have my whole group meeting area there, but everything else is up in the air.

As far as room decoration/theme…(besides the calming, blue wall) I have none.  The walls are bare when students come.  Really!  My students help me to add things to the walls.  We add things that archive our learning.

If you ever get a chance to start with a clean slate, try to remove all of your room’s contents.  Really!  I know it sounds daunting, but bringing each piece, each item in separately is really meaningful.  For two reasons:

1.  You can decide if it’s really needed.

2.  You decide where it best fits in the grand scheme (movement, teaching, working).

Be reflective.  Be thoughtful.  Be intentional.

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