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Personal Narratives

Technology, Writing

Our personal narratives unit is one of my favorites.  During this unit, students listen to and read books,  discuss books, brainstorm possible topics, write several personal narratives, select one personal narrative to develop into a digital story, share their stories, gather feedback from their audience, give feedback to their peers, revise/edit their stories, illustrate their stories, voice record the stories, insert their illustrations into movie maker, select picture transitions for their movie, and assist with music and sound clip additions.  And, when it’s all said…

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Today’s Tech Plan

Daily 5, iPad, Technology

When students are using Chromebooks or iPad technology during our literacy or math workshop blocks, I’ve learned that it’s important to have a “tech plan” for the day.  This past school year I created one for the SMARTboard.  I usually do this when I find myself repeating the same expectations over and over again.  That way, when the topic is broached, I just pull up the anchor chart, or have it ready, knowing the kids will need the reminder. The…

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I {heart} Google Calendar

Organized Teaching, Technology

I was reluctant to get on the GOOGLE Bandwagon.  It was mostly Google Drive’s fault. I just couldn’t dream of giving up Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  For two years I missed out on the wonderful opportunities that Google Apps provide not only to users on an individual level, but also the powerful opportunities they provide for collaborative groups (teachers, administration, staff)!  I still use my Microsoft Office Suite programs.  But I also use Google Apps.  A LOT! Today’s post is…

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Talking Animal Reports

Apps, Daily 5, iPad, Science, Technology, Writing

My students absolutely love the app Chatterpix.  They create hilarious projects with it, from talking classroom stuffed animals to singing classmates. Recently we used the app to create Talking Animal Reports, during their Daily 5 sessions.  Download the SMARTboard File Students self-selected a book to read.  They wrote five or more facts about the animal they read about.  Then they used the iPad app Hello Crayons to illustrate their animal.  After saving their illustration to the iPad’s photo gallery, they…

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