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Nursery Rhymes Shared Writing

Nursery Rhymes, Shared Writing

Little Miss Muffet:  Students and teacher will label the rhyme Little Miss Muffet.  Prior, they will have had multiple experiences with the rhyme.  Students will have experience with retelling the rhyme using felt pieces at the Felt Board Literacy Corner. Materials: Procedure:Picture of Little Miss Muffet Markers Procedure: Activate prior knowledge of the story. Show students the picture. Collaborate as a class to label the picture. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Students and teacher will summarize the song of The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Prior,…

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Morning Message

Morning Message, Shared Writing
Morning Message - Meacham

Why Do We Write A Morning Message? By participating in the writing of our morning message, students learn… writing is speech written down proper letter formation upper and lower case letter recognition associating letters and sounds left to right progression differentiate between a letter, a word, and a sentence reading of common sight words spacing punctuation to look for spelling patterns within words Morning Message Formats:   Chart Paper:  Make a road map for your message.  This means that every word you…

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