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Talking Animal Reports

Apps, Daily 5, iPad, Science, Technology, Writing

My students absolutely love the app Chatterpix.  They create hilarious projects with it, from talking classroom stuffed animals to singing classmates. Recently we used the app to create Talking Animal Reports, during their Daily 5 sessions.  Download the SMARTboard File Students self-selected a book to read.  They wrote five or more facts about the animal they read about.  Then they used the iPad app Hello Crayons to illustrate their animal.  After saving their illustration to the iPad’s photo gallery, they…

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Build a Bug App

Apps, iPad, Technology, Writing

We love our classroom iPads! I’ve been moving my students toward a more creation environment, rather than consumer environment when it comes to iPad technology.  We have five iPads in our classroom and they get used A LOT.  We love them.  In fact we kind of wish we had a class set at times. One of our projects utilizes the Sago’s Mini Bug Builder app.   View/Download Sago Mini Bug Builder App This project integrates technology, writing, and speaking.  Students…

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