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We love our classroom iPads!

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I’ve been moving my students toward a more creation environment, rather than consumer environment when it comes to iPad technology.  We have five iPads in our classroom and they get used A LOT.  We love them.  In fact we kind of wish we had a class set at times.

One of our projects utilizes the Sago’s Mini Bug Builder app.

2015-01-17_1847  View/Download Sago Mini Bug Builder App

This project integrates technology, writing, and speaking.  Students build their bug, add their bug’s image to the iPad’s photo gallery, write a story about their bug, and then voice record their story using Audacity.  We keep track of each student’s progress using our SMARTboard “status of the class” Bug Builder file.  Click the image below to view it!

2015-01-17_1841  2015-01-17_1846

When we are done we upload each bug’s image to our blog and link the podcast!  Take a peek at a couple of our Build a Bug stories:


My bug’s name is Snowflake. He is nice. He has to go to Packer Games. It is good luck for the Packers because he wiggles and jiggles when the other team has the ball. He is awesome because he helps the Packers win. We like him A LOT!


My bug’s name is Zoe. Her favorite food is pizza. She likes to cook. Her favorite color is pink. She likes bunnies. Her friend’s names are Amber and Ally. She likes to do math. She is very sweet and likes to give hugs. Zoe really, really, really likes you guys!


Future blog posts will highlight other technology projects we embark on this year.  How do you use tablet technology in your classrooms?

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