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After a quick study of Habitats, we study six animal groups:  Birds, Fish, Insects, Mammals, Amphibians, and Reptiles.  As usual, our unit studies center on rich informational texts with a sprinkling of fiction texts as well.  Check out the pictures below, as well as the downloads available that help support us during this unit study.

IMGP6969 IMGP6970 IMGP6968 IMGP6967 IMGP6966 IMGP6965

Above:  The SMARTboard file keeps us on track with mentor texts, online resources, and video links.  These resources guide us on our journey of discovery.


IMGP6964 IMGP6957 IMGP6955

Students work independently to create a personal Animal Groups poster, featuring an animal of their choice to represent each of the groups studied.  We then work to create a wall mural for other classes to enjoy.  Each student illustrates an animal for the wall chart.

IMGP3803 IMGP1244 IMGP1246 IMGP0820 IMGP0822

IMGP0823 IMGP0825 IMGP0824 IMGP0826


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