First Month of School Planning

It’s the night before the first day of school.  I’m in front of my computer right now, planning.  I’m trying a few different things this year, in hopes of accomplishing more, and remembering what it is that I want to accomplish the first days, weeks, month of school!

New:  SMARTboard Schedule ♦ Evernote To-Do Lists ♦ Anchor Chart Pre-Prep

2014-09-01_1955_001 2014-09-01_1955

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I still use already-established practices that help me to get ready for the first month of school.

Continue to Use:  Literacy “First Days” ♦ Mentor Book Lists ♦ Lesson Plans ♦ Unit Plans

2014-09-01_1946 2014-09-01_1945_001 2014-09-01_1945

download-icon View or Download the Literacy “First Month of School” Scope and Sequence

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2014-09-01_2032 2014-09-01_2031

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Intelligence: Fixed or Growth?

I just read this article (and watched the associated video). I found both thought-provoking.

Three thoughts and decisions after reading it:

1.  I want to be more intentional with the feedback I give my students — encouraging them to learn from their mistakes, failures, and challenges.

2. I can learn to code.  I will learn to code.

3.  I will view my future failures in a different light.

New Curtains

In an effort to tone down my classroom (remove unnecessary color), I replaced my previous curtains with new ones!

Opening Files


By now, many of you have come to realize that I’ve moved my site from →  Both domain names will exist and direct visitors to this site.

One of the biggest changes will be how files are downloaded or viewed.  Before, they were stored on my site’s sever.  I’ve moved them to cloud servers.

Search-icon (1) How to Download or View Files

For those that are not familiar with how to download files from Google Drive or Dropbox, you can view my tutorial.

SMARTboard Files

Looking for SMARTboard files?  I might have something you can use!

SMARTboard Files by J. Meacham

When you open the link to the SMARTboard files, a Google Doc will open that contains links to all of the SMARTboard files that I’ve created.  Feel free to download, use, and of course adapt to fit your kids’ needs!

download-icon View and download SMARTboard files!