Let Them Build


A few weeks ago we spent nearly an entire Friday building a cloning machine.  The entire process left me with a desire to schedule more of those types of activities.  Here’s a quick recap of our process and a few photos! We were smack dab in the middle of an Opinion Writing Unit, so it was the perfect time to use our persuasive writing skills.  Students were challenged to think of an idea that they could support.  One they wanted…

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Spy in the Huddle

Penguins, Science

I’ve said it before — I just love studying penguins with first graders!  I share our unit study ideas here, but in this post, I’d like to share an add-on activity that I’ve done with my class the past three years.  I received Spy in the Huddle as a gift for Christmas.  It’s long, but if you break it up into snippets, it’s doable.  I’ve identified “stops” for each of the three episodes.  We stop the video every once in…

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Top Five Favorite Storage Solutions

Organized Teaching

One might think I own stock in plastic storage solutions, but I don’t. I just realize that a well organized classroom is beneficial for many reasons. Organization leads to students who understand structure and can carry out routines and expectations that you set forth. It also plays a big part in lesson success. Read on to discover my top five favorite storage solutions. Three years ago I ventured into the world of paperless parent communication and adopted a classroom parent communication…

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Classroom Terrarium

Classroom Design, Science

Establishing a terrarium in our classroom wasn’t a planned event.  It happened because one of my kids brought in a cocoon and we needed a place to put it. I thought it might be nice to put it behind glass so that they could observe, ask questions, and make predictions.  We had hoped that whatever it was would emerge before school let out for the summer– but it didn’t, so I took the terrarium home and emailed updates to my students’…

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